Monday, July 18, 2011

the Dîner en Blanc

This summer, for the 23rd year, thousands of Parisians convened at a secret location somewhere in city for a very private dinner set in two very public locations.

At 9 pm on the evening of the dinner, the site was announced and 4,400 guests dressed entirely in white arrived at the plaza of Notre Dame; 6,200 more in front of the Louvre. Covertly transporting their own dinner, tables, linens and cutlery, the guests neatly assembled themselves according to a meticulously planned seating map and began their picnic. Dining was followed by dancing; then, at the stroke of midnight, almost as mysteriously as it began, the guests packed up their things and disappeared into the anonymity of the night.

This year, on August 25th, New York city will have their own "Dinner in White." The location, of course, has yet to be announced; however, those wishing to attend can sign up for the waiting list here.

Some goods for a dinner in white:

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