Friday, June 24, 2011

A little bakery on a little island

Anyone who has ever endured the bleakness of a dismal Seattle winter can truly appreciate how glorious the weather was for the summer solistice this year. Last week, as if the Sun Gods were smiling down on us, for just one day the clouds parted and Seattleites bathed in radiant northwest sunlight. For one contented Seattleite, however, a trip across the Puget Sound yielded another welcome surprise: The Blackbird Bakery.

Located in Winslow, this charming bakery has a surprisingly large selection of gluten free baked goods (in addition, of course, to standard wheat products). Their herb rolls and chocolate chip cookies are fantastically soft, chewy even. This is great news because, if you order it one day in advance, they'll make you a whole loaf of the herb bread.

Owner, Karen Morgan, also has an awesome collection of gluten free recipes on her blog. Maybe if we're really lucky, Seattle will get more sunny days and a Blackbird Bakery on our side of the Sound.

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